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Merry Christmas from Paris 5e

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Joyeux Noël de Paris Ve
Envoyé à l’origine par NatachaQS

L’olivier "Pax Humana", le Panthéon et un sapin. Une carte de voeux vidéo du B4 pour vous souhaiter de joyeuses fêtes et un lumineux Noël.

Au th

Ce soir, j’ai vu une pi



Check out spooky late-night Paris, just around the corner from the M

Voie express pompidou

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Voie express pompidou

Quick VIP tour of the Senate

Il n’y a pas de raison que Metblog/Paris n’ait pas un acc

Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers…

Lest They Be Angels In Disguise


Thus runs the citation above a doorless doorway upstairs in the legendary “Shakespeare & Company” Parisian bookstore.

If you go through this archway into the pokey little corridor, you pass an unbelievably small ‘office’ – just a chair and desk in a cupboard with an aging typewriter (whom I have dubbed ‘Fred’), past a sink, a mysterious door, a grimy window giving onto a typically Parisian sinister interior ‘hole’ in the middle of the building, and into the fabled Shakespeare & Company library. (From what I remember, Fred is severely ‘n’-challenged, which can lead to some highly original compositions, to say the least…)

And this mythical setting, where so many famous writers have left their ephemeral mark, is where you can meet me and other Paris photo enthusiasts, every Wednesday (except the one between Christmas and New Year) during our photo evening. We discuss photography in Paris, share our images, comment constructively, and just chat about anything relating to this marvellously photogenic city!

So here are the details: EVERYONE IS WELCOME, even non-photographers who just want to enjoy some beautiful images and interesting discussion in an amazing establishment! But bring your photos if you have some you’d like to share!

“OPEN SHUTTERS” – Photography Evening
Shakespeare & Company (upstairs in the library – be VERY careful on those amazing stairs!)
37, rue de la B

The Banks of Insanity


You thought YOUR bank was mad when they didn’t want to grant you that little $10,000 loan for that new car? Well check out THIS bank and see who you think is maddest now!

It’s actually all a marketing exercise for French cinema golden boy Luc Besson’s latest creation, from a picture book with the ground-breaking (what, again?!) animated / live action film coming out in about a year’s time!

THIS is why I love Paris! And it’s just opposite the unbelievably beautiful Paris Opera Garnier, as pictured by JM just below. You’ve gotta be here… you’ve just gotta be here!



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Je suis pass

L’ouverture fait la une de la blogosph

technorati-logo.gif J’ai fait un tour sur technorati et l’ouverture de Metroblogging Paris fait la une, bon au moins de Metroblogging: cool que Paris soit enfin lanc

prune, amende, PV…


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