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Framing Eiffel


I got her!
I got her in the end,
Yes I did,
I got her in the end,
Ooh ooh ohh yeah…
Ooh ooh ohh yeah…

With thanks to the Fab Four…

You know I love you, Lady Eiffel…

© 2006 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

Une belle américaine rose devant le parvis de la gare Montparnasse…

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haut-et-fort—marie-claire, originally uploaded by jm99.

… ca n’est pas tous les jours!
bon c’est seulement du street marketing pour Marie Claire (voir le post précédent).

Dites le haut et fort

Dailymotion blogged video
Dites le haut et fort
Vidéo envoyée par Marie_claire

A priori il n’y a pas que du buzz dans la nouvelle campagne de Marie Claire mais aussi un peu de street marketing… (voir le prochain post!)

the beach of Paris…

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plage-deauville, originally uploaded by jm99.

of course there is no beach in Paris ;-)
but the easiest way for a parisian to go to the beach is Deauville only 200km from Paris (Motorway A13).

Sab Spiked !


Having had my camera swiped, and waiting for good fortune to smile and land me another one, I have been reduced to desperate measures. On this afternoon I bought a €10 throwaway special to see what it was capable of! This was one of the first shots, not taken by me, obviously.

I can’t say the quality was good, but after a bit of messing around with it you can at least see what it’s supposed to be. If no-one else starts posting soon, I’ll be forced to show you other shots from the day! Who knows where I am?! A big prize to the first to guess ;-)

By the way, do feel free to come along to our regular Wednesday evening meeting at 20h at Shakespeare & Company, 37, rue de la Bucherie near Notre Dame and St. Michel. We share our pictures and talk about them and Paris and eat biscuits and things like that – it’s really fun! Everyone is welcome.

More info here:

Infra-red Reflections 2


Number 2 in the series of two, you’ll be relieved to know, just another angle and another feeling with those lovely posters shooting off into the distance giving another dynamic, but still with that spooky infra-red, coloured green effect. I like it!

Infra-red Reflections


Still suffering from camara-theft syndrome, so still begborrowstealing from friends and family! The latest equipment I got my hands on had this funny little button labelled ‘Night Shots’ so I pressed it, just like Ringo in The Yellow Submarine, and… this is the result. Work it out for yourselves! There might be another one coming in the same series… what do you think?

Rue Cochin

Rue Cochin (2)

Rue Cochin, Paris Ve.
Photo prise avec mon téléphone portable “Paris Mobile pictures”

“Suggérer une histoire”

Salut à tous!
Un nouveau service sur Paris Metroblogging: “suggest a story” (suggérer une histoire), le lien vers le formulaire est ici.
Naturellement vous pouvez suggérer en français et si vous ne captez rien à l’anglais je vous rappelle les règles du jeu: metroblogging Paris n’est pas une liste d’évenements, pas d’annonce de presse, mettez des liens dans vos suggestions, et surtout plein de détails! Alors participez!

Blue Clouds over Eiffel


Hi Christiana – hey look – this is almost exactly the same as your shot, except that I played around with it a bit and ended up with blue clouds! Not too many blue clouds in Paris on most days..! Sab 8@>

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