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Inseine Goings On


Strolling down by the Seine recently, what should I come across but the ‘Festival d’Oh!’ – a bunch of stalls and events organised by the Paris water authority to publicise the (good!) quality of Paris drinking water.

But even curiouser was one of the events by sponsor l’Institut du Monde Arabe… a strange barge drew up by one of the quays with crazy running-dancing guys and two utterly superb and haunting singers (one man, one woman) creating a most surreal tableau… thanks again Paris.

WHO CARES…? (About the World Cup…)


The whole world (on my side of the Atlantic, at least) are creaming themselves about every kick and header…

For the States it’s strictly baseball, basket ball, and, errr… football?

So come on, guys!!! This is Paris Calling!!! We want to know what this World Cup Fever thing is all about! Is it all a lot of embarrassing male testosterone running about a limited space trying to get back to its hunter-gatherer origins, or is it, in fact, Much More Than That…..?

Girls… what is this stupidity – 11, and sometimes more…! little guys running around a little field trying to get a little ball into a little net… and millions of people wetting themselves about it…

What’s the deal?! Is the World Cup of Football nonsense or is it One of the Most Important Things on this side of the Known Universe…


Life Goes On


People live out their lives in Paris, without even realising they are living out poetry…

If your life is not poetry, what is it?

What is life, but poetry?

Life is poetry?

Life is…


La librairie Payot dans la gare Montparnasse

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Une librairie dans la gare: on va bientot avoir du mal à faire la différence avec une galerie commerciale, mais bon est-ce vraiment un mal????

Starbucks à la place de la CIT

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Starbucks à la place de la CIT, originally uploaded by jm99.

Ca me fait quand même quelques chose de voir disparaitre la CIT (Centre Italien du Tourisme) où j’allais il y a quelques temps acheter mes billets pour mes vacances en Italie…

Wallace Fountain Fun


Written as part of an article on Paris water, of which I will bore you interminably shortly, here’s a cute pic of ‘someone’ having fun with one of the many historic sources of finding pure drinking water for Parisians of all situations, homefull, homeless, just visiting alike…

Bet you’ve supped from one of them at sometime in your life…!

Sab :@>

Gay Pride in Paris today

Dailymotion blogged video
gay pride paris
Vidéo envoyée par jmooi

La video est prise à Montparnasse à 14h00 lors du démarrage de la marche de la fierté gay et lesbienne.

LA fête de la musique au Luxembourg

Dailymotion blogged video
Vidéo envoyée par jmooi

Caribbean Crazy


Caribbean Crazy

There he is, I see him… flitting,
‘Tween the trees
Go man, go, mango!

There she is, I feel her… sitting,
B’low the branch
So tanned, so tango!

Chase the chick, he’s mine, he’s wilting,
Raise the stick, she’s swine, she’s switching.

Lay the blame, he’s tired, he’s tilting,
Slay the dame, she’s twine, she’s twitching.

Play the game, she’s mine, she’s itching,
Pray for fame, I’m fine, I’m bitching.

Stare he stares, he’s kneeling… wonder,
‘Neath the sky
No hope, no hobo.

Care she cares, she’s wheeling… thunder,
Love ya? yes
You dope, you dodo.

Copyright Sab Will 200 / Mystic Rhythms

Pictures from the Fête de la Musique in Paris

Mainly Paris V (quartier latin) and Paris XIV (Montparnasse)

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