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Dining in Paris; What the heck is a Brasserie?!

When one imagines the many pleasures of spending time in Paris, one of the most often repeated is: the food. And lovelies, as a woman from the United States, I can tell you that the day I have to go back and eat in the U.S will be a sad day indeed. The variety, the quality, the attention to detail makes for a delectable city indeed. However, upon arriving in Paris, I realized one small problem; there are so many different types of food establishments in Paris that to the unseasoned traveler, it can be a maze that results in a dejected run back to McDonald’s. Brasserie, restaurant, café, bistro, bar; what do they mean? What type of food can you expect from them, what kind of service? When you walk around Paris for hours, looking at the various landmarks and sights, the last thing you want to do is try and figure out where to get a sandwich and where to sit down to a nice, three course lunch.

Have no fear, my frenchie fiends; Lelle is here!

This is a guide to the types of food establishments to be found in Paris, with a brief overview of typical fare, service type, location, and price.


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