Where to eat in St Germain des prés?

Hi there!

If you plan to wander around St Germain to visit the “Parcours” or the “Marché” described in previous post, you might want to have a break, eat or drink something in the area…

I work in the area of St Germain des Prés wich is nice, but unfortunately it is an expensive area and finding good and not- too-expensive place to have lunch can be tricky.

As today is sunny and makes me want to go out for lunch to enjoy the sun, I thought I could share my favorite places with you… (note that prices might have change since last time I was there!)

Le petit St Benoit : 4 rue St Benoit…incredible place where you can feel the atmosphere of good oldSt Germain… The door by itself is an adventure! During summer they have tables outside, wich is really nice since the street is not crowded. The prices are reasonable (around 12€ for a meal, 3.5 for desserts), and it’s really good!! If you’re fish addict try their “cassolette de poissons”(10.5€).

Le pré aux clrecs : 30 rue Bonaparte, typical brasserie, good salads, wonderful magret and do try the “mousse au chocolat”! It’s a little more expensive than the previous one (count 13€ for a salad, 16€ for meals). Few tables outside, nice since they also put grass and trees on the sidewalk but lots of people passing through…

Wabosso : 6 ue des Ciseaux, Korean restaurant, if you like Bibimbap (rice covered with meat, egg, vegetables…) you will like this restaurant (around 13€ for a Bibimbap).

But my favorite place to enjoy the sun is le pont des arts…

Take your lunchbox or a sandwich and sit there, looking at the boats… For a cheap sandwich, you can go at the CROUS cafeteria, inside Paris Descartes university (45 rue des Sts Pères), where sandwich are 2.8 to 3.1€ (don’t expect too much fantasy in the fillings) but the place is closed during summer… There’s also a very good boulangerie 57 rue Jacob, sandwiches are around 3.5€ to 5 €. But if you’re there in the afternoon, try their “tradi choco”, a small baguette full of chocolate chips… they take it out of the oven at 3pm… ;-)

This is all for today, but do share your favorite places in the area by commenting the post.

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  1. Lil (lilianl) on June 10th, 2008 @ 1:28 am

    How about trying one of my favourites? It’s called Le Pre Verre on Rue Thenard, and they do 2 courses lunch plus wine for about 13euro, and 3 courses dinner for about 30euro… and I love their strawberries marinated in parsley served with parsley ice cream!

  2. seurann on June 10th, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

    I know it!I ate there a couple of time.
    I didn’t mention it because it seemed a bit too further, but I do like this restaurant, I just think they slightly increased their lunch price…

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