How do you choose a restaurant?

That’s a question I was asked by american friends of friend visiting some weeks ago. Before that I never really thought about it. Indeed Paris has a lot of restaurant and you can eat french as well as indian, tha├», lebanese, breton, italian, scandinavian and so on.

So how can one make a decision ?

It can depend on prices, place you are, things you want to eat… but even once you know what you want to eat and for what price, you want it to be good. And believe me, there are restaurant in Paris you don’t want to try…

The better way is of course to have friend experimenting and reporting to you. Like a guy I know who is from Corea and told me where to eat the best bimbimbap next to work. Or a co-worker who invite you to his favourite restaurant..

I also make my own experimentations, trying the new pizzeria that opened next to home (good but not the best I know), or testing restaurant from comments I read on the web or magazines.

So if you’re looking for a restaurant, and don’t know where to go, you can check this site (my prefered one) or this one or this one. You can also find other ideas in blogs like the ones Lil suggested last week.

And what about you? How do you choose ? What are your favourite restaurants?

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  1. Lil (lilianl) on July 16th, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

    psstt… it was me who blogged on the blogs ;)

    and as for me, nowadays, it’s you and bij to tell me where to eat :D

  2. seurann on July 17th, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

    ooops…I’m sorry! I corrected my mystake, and of course I will take you to some exciting place next time you visit!

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