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14 juillet: fireworks!

Yesterday was our national day and among many other celebrations, the one that cought my interest (as always) was the fireworks!

We’d settled on the Passerelle de Solférino (near Musée d’Orsay) which ended up being a tad too far as part of the fireworks were too low and hidden by buildings. But still, I thought I’d share a little picture with you:


And happy belated “Quatorze juillet”! :D (As a dignified French, I will not say “Bastille day”! :P )

Foodblogs you must read!

Paris is blessed with such a wonderful array of eateries, from informal bistros to Michelin-starred cafés, to satisfy all your food cravings. Going hand in hand, there are also tons of foodblog chronicling foodies’ adventures in the city, but I have two favourites that I read on a regular basis. Anyone who owns a foodblog is also very likely to already have these two links on their blogrolls! ;-)

Chocolate and Zucchini by Clotilde Dusoulier

Clotilde is a 28 years old Parisian who started her foodblog 5 years ago as an outlet to share her love for food. She did such a good job that Chocolate and Zucchini is quite the holy grail for food in Paris. How much you wonder? Enough that she has book deals and she’s now a full time food writer.

At first glance, the blog may seem a tad busy (4 columns blog at the time of writing this entry) but do spend a little time and you will find yourself rewarded with deliciously written blog entries, accompanied by beautifully shot photographs. If that’s not even, she has even put in extra effort that her entries are also available in French. Just scroll to the bottom of a particular entry and you can click on the link provided. Super!

David Lebovitz

The second food/lifestyle blog belongs to David Lebovitz, a pastry chef from America who has been living in Paris for a good 6 years. Oh yes, he is loving his sweet life in Paris as he claimed. They are also reflected in his writing and photographs, always elegant and usually mouth-watering.

David’s blog has just received a new look last week so even I am still getting used to the minimalist white and green layout. Quite a change from the previous gold and chocolate-sweet design, which I’m still half expecting each time I click on the link to his blog.

So, if you don’t already know these two blogs, have a read. You will find all sorts of anecdotes related to food and lifestyle in Paris, and they also give good advices as well as restaurant reviews. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

And oh, Bonne Fête Nationale! :D

Going boating in Paris?

You know how it is: summer is here, so is the heat… One wants to get some fresh air… What better way than to go boating?

Did you know you can actually do that in the very center of the city? Right in the Luxembourg gardens! Yes you can!

I have pics!

Here a little boat:

going boating in paris

But one has to be cautious! Accidents happen…

boating accident

And that’s without taking into account the dreadful and dangerous pirates!

pirates in paris!

Or worse… The baby ducklings and their wicked beak!

let’s go

So many adventures! :D

Sweet summer of Pierre Hermé

My favourite pâtissier in Paris is undoubtedly Pierre Hermé and I make no secret about this. Just about anyone who knows me know that I will always make time to be in his shop, usually the one by St Sulpice, to get some émotions (glasses of 3 complementary layers of delicious goodies), macarons, pastries, chocolates…

Pierre Hermé certainly deserves his title as The Picasso of Pastry, among other illustrious ones. The offerings from his shops are simply delectable and irresistable to me (and many others I suspect). The queue outside the shop can be pretty lengthy at times, and I’m not surprised if numerous Japanese tourists have got pictures of me standing in the line, waiting for my turn to get into the tiny shop on Rue Bonaparte!

Pierre Hermé

Bij treated me to some Pierre Hermé when I saw her a few days ago (what can I say – she’s an awesome friend!), after a few turbulent days of emotional rollercoaster. We shared some émotions and macarons, and she also gave me a couple of surprise plénitude.

Let’s talk about those delightful émotions, shall we?

Pierre Hermé usually creates two émotions for his shops at any one time, and this summer they are Émotion Fragola and Émotion Eden. I personally love Émotion Eden while Bij prefers Émotion Fragola.

Émotion Eden is a creation with layers consisting of delicate crème brûlée of saffron at the bottom, apricot pieces in the centre, and topped with saffron jelly sprinkled with some gold sheets. Digging through all three layers in one go to get a mixture of creamy custard and light jelly together with fruit pieces, it’s a lovely combination of texture and taste much after my heart’s delight.

Émotion Fragola is not pale in comparison either, and rather unusual too. It’s a bold combination of balsamic vinegar, spaghetti in strawberry juice and strawberry compote, garnished with a dollop of cream. I’ve known of the vow factor in pairing balsamic vinegar and strawberry, but to add spaghetti into the mix to make it a dessert, that’s a new experiment in my opinion. But it works well. Very well.

Of course, a trip to Pierre Hermé also normally means taking a small selection of macarons. We had some rather fruity selection, continuing the whole summery theme, with some Eden (apricot), Montebello (raspberry and pistachio), Vanille (vanilla) and Pamplemousse (grapefruit). They literally melted in the mouth, such heavenly bites they were.

I. Really. Heart. Pierre. Hermé.

Pierre Hermé
– 72 Rue Bonaparte (near St Sulpice)
– 185 Rue Vaugirard
– also available through online shopping in Europe (certain products only)

Hokusai exhibit in the Guimet Museum

Today I went to the Guimet museum (or asian arts museum) to see the Hokusai exhibit.

musée Guimet


Ce week-end: dixième édition des Solidays !

A l’Hippodrome de Longchamp du 04 juillet 2008 au 06 juillet 2008… Solidays fêtera ses dix ans ! Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur ce festival est sur leur site. Et juste pour vous mettre en appétit : une petite vidéo ? Toute en musique bien sûre !

Solidays 2008

En ce moment, Paris est un concert permanent ! Avec entre autre, tout bientôt, les concerts de Mika ou encore de Jack Johnson, on ne sait où donner de l’oreille !

L’Os à Moelle

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” — George Bernard Shaw

I do believe Shaw on this count. Even though I am just a constant visitor in Paris, I never think twice about the hunt for good food, the search for good restaurants. Some places are simply brand new, some places are old favourites of mine, some places are new discoveries for me but regular haunts of my friends in this lovely city.

I got to know about L’Os à Moelle through a blog that I read a while back, and what’s better excuse to try this place apart from the fact that I’m actually in town? Each trip I made is reason enough to celebrate, because this is when I get to meet up with my friends and catch up on news etc. (Not that we haven’t been doing that regularly on gtalk or email, lol, but that’s besides the point.)

Situated in the 15th arrondisement, L’Os à Moelle is one of the eating gems in Paris. The restaurant itself is cosy and perhaps a tad tight on space, and the menu may be somewhat limited in terms of choices, but it more than make up for these slight shortcomings by virtue of being big on taste and freshness!

L’Os à Moelle

At around €40 (depending on items, there may be small supplementary charges), a full and delicious 5-course meal will be served – soup, starter, main course, cheese and dessert. For good measure, they also present all diners with a small amuse bouche to whet the appetite shortly after the order was taken.

The menu at L’Os à Moelle are presented, handwritten, on blackboards. Just like most quaint little restaurants/bistros in Paris. These boards are mainly French of course, but if you request for it, they do have one English board that they will bring around.

When I was there with my friends, we had quite a variety of items ordered. Some perennial favourites including foie gras, scallops and sea bass; others rather unusual (for foreign diners, maybe not quite so for French) such as pig’s snout and wild boar. Everything was cooked to perfection, well-seasoned with fresh herbs and garnished with salads and vegetable crisps.

The sweet course is probably my favourite course, and seeing there were so many of us there together, we each ordered a different dessert so that we can swap around and taste them all. The rum baba was ambrosial, the flambéed bananas sweet through pairing with caramel, the fruit gratin refreshing and the chocolate quenelle rich and creamy.

This place is definitely marked as a place to revisit in future, and I would recommend you to give it a try too. No harm in making reservation before you head over either, as they do get pretty busy here. Bon appétit!

L’Os à Moelle
3 Rue Vasco de Gama, 75015 Paris
Tel : 01 45 57 27 27
Métro: Lourmel

Ingrid Bétancourt libérée !

Le mercredi 1er juillet !!!!

Ce soir (2 juillet), un “rassemblement de bonheur” devant l’hotel de ville. Les détails.

Réforme du CNRS

Oui, je me rends compte que ce n’est pas vraiment Parisien mais cela me semble néanmoins intéressant, donc voici juste un petit lien rapide vers un article en ligne du journal Le Monde intitulé : Le CNRS adopte une réforme qui évite son démembrement daté du 2 juillet. A vous de voir si vous trouvez le titre adéquat ou non…

Les nuits de la caravane (encore un festival de cinéma !)

Une amie m’a parlé l’autre jour de ce festival que je ne connaissais pas. Il a lieu en ce moment même à l’Institut du monde arabe. Les séances sont à 22h, tous les jours du 1er au 13 juillet, en plein air (sauf en cas de pluie où elles sont à l’intérieur il me semble). Vous trouverez ici la liste des films proposés et leur date de projection. A tester !

Les nuits de la caravane

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