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Quoting Montaigne

“Paris a mon coeur dès mon enfance. Je ne suis français que par cette grande cité. Grande surtout et incomparable en variété. La gloire de la France et l’un des plus nobles ornements du monde.”

This quote comes from the plate of a statue of Montaigne that stands in front of the Sorbonne (photo above). Here is a rough translation:

“Paris had my heart since I was a child. I am French only because of this big city. Big and incomparable in variety. France’s glory and one of the world’s most noble ornaments.”

Even on the picture, one can also notice that Montaigne’s shoe is bright while the rest of the statue is slightly corroded. It seems people like rubbing Montaigne’s shoe? :D

I’ve walked in front of this statue so many times I almost know the quote by heart. Paris has my heart too :D

This is also a way to say: maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. We’re working on the city’s 10 commandments. By now, a number of the other metblog cities have done so. If you have any input you’d like to give, feel free to comment!


Here comes ends of august (yes despite the awfully cold weather, we’re in august) and in Paris as in most french cities it means moving.  While wandering around St Germain, I saw this very strange moving truck:

As you may know, the “ecole des ponts et chaussées” building is to sell (far to expensive for me I guess) and it seems they started moving important things like the small obelisk.

What other Parisians are blogging

It’s nearly the end of August. Soon enough things will start to pick up pace again after the summer lull, there will be la rentrée for parents and kids to fuss over, all your favourite local bakery/ boulangerie/ café etc will be there to meet your culinary needs.

But until then, if you are looking for distractions from these quiet time while stuck indoor all that often (no thanks to the generally awful weather), here are a few suggestions.

Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante
Pénélope Jolicoeur is a brainchild of Pénélope Bagieu, in the form of webcomic and all too amusing. Some may chalk this as a girlie diversion, and perhaps it is, but these illustrations along with the text are entertaining and often make me chuckle out loud.

Paris Daily Photo
Eric posts a photo a day of Paris, accompanied by short paragraph of description or anecdotes. It gives you a glimpse into many facets of Parisian lives, and before you know it, you would have found your way around this city since he also often indicates the arrondisement where the photos were taken.

Stuff Parisians Like
You may or may not have heard or read about Stuff White People Like, but it’s a site of satirical jokes that has taken the blogging world by storm. Some finds it offensive, other sees the humour and laughs along. Stuff Parisians Like is written in similar tongue-in-cheek manner, and whether you agree with Olivier or not, it’s up to you.

Paris Avant
Are you just that bit curious what Paris used to look like? Paris Avant is brought to life by Frédéric, and at about noon each day, a pair of photos of a location in Paris will be posted. One from the past, one of current day, for comparison of course. It’s amazing how little Paris has transformed, yet modernised at the same time.

Back in town?

I think a point has just been made: this is the third post of August and we’re the 25th…

If you scroll down over the post below, you’ll notice I mentioned people on hols? Well, just to make a point, I did go on hols ;) and unfortunately, this blog was a tad not updated…

All my apologies and do not worry: interesting updates as soon as I get over jetlag :D

Paris in August…

Here are just a few quick words to give you an idea of the city at this time of the year:

  • It’s hot
  • It’s muggy
  • Offices are empty
  • Cars are rare, boulevards are crossed without checking*
  • Shops are closed
  • Restaurants are closed
  • Grocery stores are not as well supplied
  • Markets are half the usual size (if not smaller)

You get the picture I believe… People are away on hols! At times, the city feels almost asleep… The sun and heat are certainly not helping :P But well, soon, it’ll be my turn to leave. Mouahahahahahaha…

* Well, why yes, usually I DO look before crossing…At least for boulevards ;)

Expo : Les soldats de l’éternité

Un thème à la hauteur de l’imagination la plus démesurée : l’armée en terre cuite du premier “empereur” chinois… Des milliers de soldats, chacun une pièce unique, réalisés vers 200 av. JC dans le seul but de passer l’éternité dans le tombeau de Qin, le premier empereur à unifier la Chine et aussi à l’origine de la Grande Muraille… Mais plus que des soldats, c’est un royaume entier en miniature que l’on doit retrouver sous terre : une armée complète avec chevaux, chars et charretiers, des fonctionnaires divers, des athlètes et des musiciens… L’ampleur de cette découverte archéologique récente (1974) n’a pas encore fini de livrer ses mystères mais il y a déjà de quoi impressionner les plus mégalomanes !

Et pourtant… l’exposition de la Pinacothèque à Paris (Toutes les infos pratiques ici.) n’est pas à la hauteur. J’ai vraiment été très déçue : très petite taille de l’expo, nombre limité d’artefacts issus des fouilles de Shaanxi… J’étais déjà allée auparavant à l’expo sur le même thème qui avait lieu plus tôt au British Museum à Londres et je suis tombée de haut. Autant j’avais adoré la version anglaise, extrêmement bien montée et pour laquelle j’avais même cru ne pas pouvoir obtenir de place ! Autant je ne recommande pas cette version parisienne, vraiment pas à la hauteur d’une comparaison quelconque…

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