C’est la rentrée !

Let us now follow as the events unfold in the beautiful city of Paris…


  • in August the city was abandoned by its inhabitants and left for tourists to populate (see Paris in August)
  • at the very end of August/early September, people started coming back and signs of activity started showing up, in particular relocating (see Moving) and a few posts for this metblog (who dutifully follows the local trends? ;) )

And now, let us see what happened next:

September is Paris, and overall in France, is a month dedicated to “la rentrée” (going back to school). Kids go back to school, young adults start out in uni and lots of people come back from hols and consider it’s their “rentrée” to go back to work… Moreover, the whole process of “la rentrée” takes a lot of organising and people are quite busy all over the country.

Some people approach this wholeheartedly (happy to get rid of the kids?) while others complain and drag their feet (urg, homework!).

But all in all, the process of “la rentrée” takes place, petit à petit, and some resolutions work out while others fail dramatically.

Soon enough, things will settle down: students will study (oops, that’s me), teachers will teach (oops, me again), people with other jobs will work (what? not me again!) and another year will whoosh us by…

See you next year? ;)

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