On va le dire comme ça

There are expats aplenty in France, not to mention language students worldwide, who aspire to speak French as fluently as they could. There’s a genuine love for the language for us, and everyone would inevitably tell you, the best way to speak the language is to live within Francophonic society and to interact at all time with native speakers.

Even then, there are nuances that standard text books don’t tell us. Slangs and clever play of words are painfully difficult for non-native speakers to grasp, and expressive phrases pose yet another roadblock to our learning. We sure appreciate all help possible and there is a new learning aid at hand.

Introducing – On va le dire comme ça : Dictionnaire des expressions quotidiennes!

Touted as first of its kind, this dictionary explains the meaning and the use of over 1600 expressions and sayings illustrated using over 5000 examples, and reveals their counterparts in other French-speaking countries. Add in modern languages integration (e.g. Anglophone influence), this dictionary will not even go amiss in a French household.

It doesn’t come cheap, at over €30 a pop, but I suspect its value will be worth more than that for the keen language learners. However, I suspect I know well the meaning of the expression “bling bling” so that will be one phrase I need not learn. ;-)

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