Metlinks OTW : 19.11.09

Golly, Christmas is really making its presence felt. It’s exactly 5 weeks and 1 day for the big ol’ celebration, so you have exactly 5 weeks of shopping days left. Have you started? Or are you just making lists right now, what to buy for whom? Or will you be making some gifts yourself, especially edible ones? (I love edible gifts, yum yum)

Christmas baubbles

Tales of Christmas

  • There’s nothing prettier in winter in Paris than Champs Elysées all decked up in festive illuminations and the lights will be turned on coming Monday, 23 November at 6.30pm, with help from Charlotte Gainsbourg. And there’s something different this year too – fuschia (instead of white) lightings are awaiting instead!
  • Christmas market at Champs Elysées opens its doors on Friday 20 November and there will be some 170 vendor huts in place. If you’re there on the 9 and 10 December, note a change in the hut designated for Ateliers de Paris. Until 28 December; open daily from 10am to 10pm, and to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

In the News: Last Week

  • I’m sure by now everyone have heard about the riots and disturbances after the cancellation of Mailorama money giveaway. Videos from news outlet and civilians (such as this) show the damages sustained. I can understand the disappointment, but to start attacking other individuals who were in the same position? That’s just so not cool.
  • France is through to the World Cup in South Africa next summer. They won the first leg of the World Cup Qualifier against Ireland in Dublin, and they drew 1-1 with Ireland during the second leg match in Paris. Winning 2-1 by aggregate, it is not without controversy. Ah, the hand of Thierry (not Maradona, not God) struck this time. Is there a glory in such a win?
  • An article was published last week on the Guardian, of this extraordinary tale of a former captain of French football team, who betrayed his country and his people, during the World War II.

Foodies’ Goodies

  • We at Paris Metblogs love bagels but hunting for good bagels is really not easy. We’ve tried a few so-so ones so far. Ann Mah has recently found I <3 Coco Bagel Store and thinks it’s pas mal du tout.
  • A croissant tasting session certainly sounds a lot of fun. And for the record, the Ispahan croissant from Pierre Hermé may be unconventional but it tastes soooooo good.
  • Le Fooding Guide 2010 is now out! Get it from your nearest newsagent, for €9.50 each.

Coming Up: Next Week in Events

  • Ok, technically, this is not upcoming. It is currently taking place. Salon Créations & Savoir-faire is just the place to go for anyone big into arts and crafts, get some tips and inspirations, and just in time for the home-made Christmas gifts idea to take off.
  • Michael Schürmann of Paris Movie Walks will be leading an hour-long free tour of Paris film locations on 25 November at 4pm. The tour starts and ends at the bookshop Shakespeare & Co. (37 rue de la Bucherie, 5ème). A book signing follows the end of the tour. A quick book take if you’re interested in knowing further.

That’s it for today. I know it’s delivered a day earlier than usual, but I’m travelling tomorrow and wouldn’t want to miss writing this edition. Oh, don’t forget, it’s Beaujolais Nouveau day today – chin chin!

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  1. Bij (bijoe) on November 19th, 2009 @ 9:49 pm

    being away all week, i missed the mailorama drama… shame on us :$
    and apparently i slept all through henry’s golden hand but the boy didn’t miss anything so i got a lengthy tale about it in the morning…

  2. Lil (lilianl) on November 24th, 2009 @ 7:45 am

    That’s the beauty of being away – to not be touched by all sorts of crazies ;)

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