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Can you spare a dime?

Can you spare a dime?

Street art: Jef Aerosol left his mark just off Rue Mouffetard, 5th arrodissement.

Paris museums, where will it end?

We mentioned previously that the Musée du Luxembourg is about to close.

There have also been all the strikes affecting Beaubourg, the Musée d’Orsay, even the Louvre or Versailles… (Most museums seem to have reopened though some are “free” because of strikers blocking the cash desks.)

Anyhow, now, it’s time for the Palais de la Découverte… I know this has been under discussion for a while: closing the Palais before it’s grown too “dusty” and that the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie “does the same thing”. Apparently, the decision has become official that the Palais de la Découverte will die at the end of this year. Whatever remains are left will be integrated with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. I’m quite curious ready about the current exhibits: this week, “The hunger of dinosaurs” was just launched and it’s supposed to run until May. The few images I’ve seen seem striking, I hope many will be able to enjoy that exhibit.

If you think it’s a shame for the Palais de la Découverte and its traditions of bringing science to the large public, in its own way (because it’s not “just like the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in old and shabby”!), then you are invited for breakfast over at the Palais de la Découverte: every day (except on Mondays when it’s closed) from the 8th of December from 9am30 to 10am in the Hall d’Antin. Just bring your thermos of coffee, your croissants, etc. to show support or take part in what seem to be the last days of this institution…

Museums under attack?

I found out recently when going to the Tiffany exhibit at the Musée du Luxembourg (which was great btw) that the museum is about to close! That exhibit could be the museum’s last with a planned closure in January 2010! Employees suggest that you sign their petition to protest against the closure of such a historical museum. After all, this museum first opened in 1750 and it was the first art museum to be open to the public in France! (Among other achievements) A better written post about this topic (in French).

Meanwhile, the Centre Pompidou is closed to visitors because the people working there are on strike! A post in French, one in English, to explain the main reason behind this strike: half the people going into retirement won’t be replaced starting in January 2010 and as many employees there are over 50, this means very soon the number of employees will crash… Such measures should also impact other cultural places such as the Louvre or Versailles. This is not going to get better soonish with a general call to strike for next Wednesday…

A coincidence? Or is “someone” bound on destroying Paris’ image of a culture-rich capital?

Monsters in the garden

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Metlink to Sunrise East, an installation by Ugo Rondinone at Jardin des Tuileries. A few days later, I went along for a visit at the park just after sunrise.

Here are the photos that I’ve taken on the rather chilly morning of what I think are rather loveable monsters. And since I don’t know which of these totems are supposed to represent which month of the year, I’m labelling them as hours on the clock, as per their position in the garden, where sun rises on the east (the Louvre side) at 12 and sets on the west (the Place de la Concorde side) at 6. ;-)

Ugo Rondinone at Jardin des Tuileries on an autumnal morning

Ugo Rondinone at Jardin des Tuileries on an autumnal morning

Tilting at 1 o'clock, with cheesy grin at 2

Tilting at 1 o'clock, with cheesy grin at 2


Théâtre : Les 39 marches

Une des choses que j’aime bien à Paris, c’est les théâtres ! Il y en a tellement, le seul problème c’est de choisir quelle pièce aller voir… Je viens donc vous faire de la pub de façon éhontée :

L’autre soir, je suis allée voir “Les 39 marches” au théâtre de La Bruyère et c’était tout simplement fantastique !

Une adaptation singulière du film du même nom réalisé par Alfred Hitchcock (attention “spoilers” si vous suivez le lien) mise en scène par Eric Metayer (/swoon) : 4 acteurs pour ‘150 personnages’ (bon moi j’ai pas compté hein mais c’est crédible) et des accessoires impressionnants de simplicité et de réalisme.

La lande écossaise, ses cascades, ses paysans et ses petits hôtels 100% typiques, des courses folles à pied, en train ou en voiture, de l’action à couper le souffle… et ENORMEMENT d’humour ! ‘Tous les moments forts du film’, j’avoue que je sais pas (j’aimerai bien voir maintenant) mais en tout cas un condensé de moments forts en soi ! Malheureusement, on ne peut pas adopter le chat à la fin, snif, il était tellement adorable pourtant…

Superbes jeux d’acteurs, bravo à Eric Metayer et ses co-acteurs : Andréa Bescond, Christophe Laubion et Jean-Philippe Bèche.

A voir du 10 octobre au 20 décembre 2009. En plus les places sont à moitié prix il me semble jusqu’au 23 octobre… Merci à la rentrée des théâtres ;) Alors comment pourriez-vous résister ?

The women are watching

There are eyes and then there are eyes. In Paris, these eyes are the windows to the souls of tens of women from all over the world.

Eyes on Ile St Louis by JR

Eyes on Ile St Louis by JR

JR‘s outdoor instalment of Women are Heroes is nothing but inspirational, as they tell not only by image but also through stories narrated by the women behind the scene themselves (with a little help of a local-rate-call audioguide).

The outdoor exhibit (from 3rd October to 2nd November) around Ile St Louis is complemented with a secondary exhibit at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal at 21 boulevard Morland (4ème) (from 3rd October to 23rd October) which showcases JR’s stint for the Women series in Rio earlier this year.

Both exhibits are free.

Ps: I wonder what project he’ll be working on next. His works are story-telling of life and emotions. They move me. I would love to get involved.

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