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Bubbles in the Grand Palais

during the special Nuit des musées exhibition!

Walking along the Seine

I think it was mentioned in an earlier metlinks but the banks of the river Seine will be seeing some changes until 2012. In the mean time, strolling along under blue skies is lovely. Some seem to fall head over heels in romance and scar the poor trees along the banks…

Spotted on Boulevard Saint Germain

Lovely doggy bag, isn’t it? I guess I’ll never understand fashion…

Can you spare a dime?

Can you spare a dime?

Street art: Jef Aerosol left his mark just off Rue Mouffetard, 5th arrodissement.

Une partie du Luco inaccessible?

Dimanche, je marchais dans le jardin du Luxembourg et voilà que ma route est coupée : des cordons de sécurité bloquent l’accès à la partie centrale du jardin (toute la partie basse autour du grand bassin)…


La vue est originale : le centre est totalement désert, un fait rarissime, mais on peut voir les passants à droite dans la zone qui reste ouverte…

Je n’ai pas encore réussi à déterminer pourquoi cette zone était fermée, l’enquête est en cours.

Part of the Luxembourg gardens was closed on Sunday, a mystery but also a rare moment of quiet.

Intriguing decorations in the streets

Here are the two weirdest decorations I’ve seen in the streets of Paris. They both happen to be quite near the rue d’Ulm, known for its occasional odd activities indeed, but I’ve spotted the one late last week and the other yesterday…

Here is the bear-can xmas tree? A lot of effort really went into this as 3 trees / bushes were decorated, almost every single branch having its bear can on top of it… Quite impressive if unfortunately not eco-friendly…

I would have thought the cable between the buildings to be meant for xmas decorations but when I looked up, I only saw that pair of shoes… I really wonder why / how they ended up there…

Photos de piscine

Si vous connaissez vraiment bien vos piscines parisiennes, ce concours est pour vous ! Vous avez jusqu’au 4 janvier pour associer chacune des 15 photos proposées à la piscine où la photo a été prise… Bon courage !

Pictures from concert place Concorde

As mentioned previously, there was a free concert and light show at the Place de la Concorde yesterday, to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Here are a couple shots to give you a feel of it:



There are also a couple videos on youtube, which might give you a better idea (what with having sound and mouvement as well…).

Monsters in the garden

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Metlink to Sunrise East, an installation by Ugo Rondinone at Jardin des Tuileries. A few days later, I went along for a visit at the park just after sunrise.

Here are the photos that I’ve taken on the rather chilly morning of what I think are rather loveable monsters. And since I don’t know which of these totems are supposed to represent which month of the year, I’m labelling them as hours on the clock, as per their position in the garden, where sun rises on the east (the Louvre side) at 12 and sets on the west (the Place de la Concorde side) at 6. ;-)

Ugo Rondinone at Jardin des Tuileries on an autumnal morning

Ugo Rondinone at Jardin des Tuileries on an autumnal morning

Tilting at 1 o'clock, with cheesy grin at 2

Tilting at 1 o'clock, with cheesy grin at 2


Twitpic-cing Paris

The team of Paris Metblogs have been using Twitter for a couple of months now (follow us @ParisMB) and we’re now adding some pictures via Twitpic.

Sunrise over Île de la Cité

Sunrise over Île de la Cité

This is our maiden Twitpic and may there be many more to come. We hope you like it as much as we do! (By the way, we’re Twitpic-cing here.)

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