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Parlons de nos facs

La mobilisation dans les facs persistent, plus de 8 semaines après le début des manifestations. Je voulais faire un super petit bilan mais en fait, je n’ai vraiment pas le temps :( Voici donc une ou deux liens qui nous renvoie vers des actions qui ont eu lieu ces derniers temps :

– la Ronde Infinie des Obstinés, voir leur blog ou cette petite photo prise hier sur le parvis de l’hotel de ville où l’on devine la ronde des marcheurs :

– la bataille de mails, voir le blog sciences² par exemple. D’après les organisateurs, qq 2600 mails auraient été envoyés à Mme Pécresse en une journée, de nombreux extraits des mails envoyés sont disponibles sur le site.

Par ailleurs, les panneaux “fac en grève” ou variantes sur le thème sont toujours abondamment présents à l’entrée d’un bon nombre de lieux d’enseignement et/ou de recherche…

Interesting graffiti


I walk by this graffiti every day on my way to work. /sigh
And I still go all the way there anyway!

Exurbis, let’s explore the city

While I was randomly surfing the web, looking for some details of some Paris event, I went from website to website and eventually arrived at…. Exurbis.

This blog suggests that we follow the author through “urban exploration” of Paris. Going on the roofs or underground… in places where you don’t expect to meet many people…

Illustrated with many pictures, it’s a very interesting read! You should go take a look ;)

Also, I’d like to mention the fact the this blog is available both in French and in English, which I find most admirable. Even though it’s not an exact translation: there is, from what I gather, basically a French blog and an English one, which do not contain the same posts. Still a most brave endeavour :D (You may remember how torn I was / am about which language I should use here…)

It’s sliding…

I can already hear the Canadian, Russian or people from wherever there is snow every winter making fun of us little Parisians… A day of snow and everything is messed up, people decides to stay home or bus stop running… Today no snow but be careful!!! It’s sliding… I experienced it myself despite the hiking shoes I’m wearing…

BUT it seems there’s differences depending on the “arrondissement” you’re in. When my bus was in the 14th, everything was withe outside and I experienced the sliding sidewalks. And as soon as we enterred the 6th : no snow anymore, the sidewalks are not even wet… If anyone has an explenation, please, feel free to comment…

Paris under snow

It’s incredible. I walked though lots of snowy snow today! (And lots of slush too!)

An add for Fontainebleau

Here is my train of thought: this is a blog about Paris, right? Not France as a whole, just Paris. (Even though it is the only French city in the Metblogs…)

But I thought: Paris is so much more than just “intramuros” as we say (basically “inside the walls”, or Paris sensu stricto if you will). Paris is also about all the wonderful places you can go to so easily from Paris!

So here is a glimpse at Fontainebleau forest. Just some 30 min train ride out of Paris! Perfect for a day out in the sun and the trees :D Lots of nice boulders to climb too!

Rabarama in Latin Quarter

If you have been around Latin Quarter of late, surely you can’t miss a handful of rather unusual sculptures in and around the Pantheon area. These sculptures in human forms but decorated using strong colours and particular motives by Rabarama are currently on display and will be there for only another 10 days.

Rabarama is an Italian artist that has received wide critical acclaims for her creative way of portraying the human forms and expressiveness, linking the ideas of thoughts (e.g. life being a puzzle, or a maze, or a communicating piece) and geometry (using shapes and lines). Her sculptures have been travelling and on exhibition worldwide, from America to China, delighting modern art fans, including me.

So go on now, and have a look around! Keep your eyes peeled – there should be 7 of them. Or at least that’s how many I’ve found. ;-)

La Tour Saint Jacques

I’ve been meaning to post this picture for a while now :$
For yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars, this most beautiful tower, called tour Saint Jacques, was hidden under scaffolding… But this summer, the work was over and once more we can admire it! Enjoy :D

Random picture: sunset in the street

La nuit blanche en avance ? Des ponts illuminés ce soir et demain !

Jeudi, vendredi et samedi soir, les ponts de Paris s’illuminent pour célébrer l’amitié franco-japonaise et les 50 ans du jumelage entre Paris et Kyoto.

Vous pouvez trouver les détails ici (site de la mairie de Paris).

Entre projections d’images et illuminations, on se croirait déjà à la nuit blanche (qui aura lieu le 4 octobre)…

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