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Delicious paper

This is not a new fashion restaurant where you eat paper. Neither is it a comment on a cooking book… Delicious paper is a new monthly journal and it is free!

The first issue was distributed around Paris yesterday and I was given one while going out to eat.

At the first look it’s like other free daily journals: same paper, same format. BUT when you open it, everything is different : no colorful pictures, long text and modern design. And what I really value : only few ads. I guess they will increase the ads in the next issues since that’s the only way to have money to publish that sort of journal. But I hope they will not fill all the journal with it has it happens with daily journals.

I didn’t had enough time to read all the journal, but I liked the way the articles are written. Having long article to read makes your trip from home to work shorter. And article are some kind of essay, so after reading it you feel a little smarter.

If you want to discover it by yourself, explore the website, you can download the 1st journal and find where it is distributed.

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