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Paris 10 Commandments!

And it’s about time ;) After other cities such as Los Angeles, Orange County or Dublin, Paris is finally getting out its own set of commandments. Feel free to comment!

Thou shall:
– consider eating on the unique lawn of the Luxembourg garden as a picnic
– cross roads whatever colour the light is and whether a car is arriving or not
– distinguish between “Châtelet” and “Les Halles” when arranging to meet friends
– answer “Paris” instead of “France” when asked what country you come from
– consider that once you cross the “périph” you’re outside of Paris
– count metro stations to mesure time and distance instead of minutes or meters
– memorise which part of the metro you should use in order to find the exit right in front of you when you get off
– not even hear the sound made by a “Carte Imagin’R” when it is swiped
– avoid dog shit without having to even look at the ground
– abandon the city to tourists and heat in August

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