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Lunch at Parnasse 138

As Seurann mentioned a couple of weeks back, us three regular Paris Metbloggers went to the Picasso exhibition at the Grand Palais (together with another friend).

I personally enjoyed the exhibition very much. I mean, pretty much everyone knows what an artist Picasso was in his life time. In some periods of time, he produced something pretty much on a daily basis, making him one of the most proliferative artists of the 20th century. What I like most about this exhibition was the “side by side” concept. Picasso had painted plenty of famous artworks by other artists, but with his own twists. To see both the original concept and the cubist interpretation of them, that was something very powerful.

After our visit to the exhibition (plus all the queueing time) we were inevitably struck by hunger – time to grab some lunch! As we needed to part in different directions after lunch, we choose the area around Montparnasse to search for a place to eat, which suited all of us very well. Seurann had previously been recommended to check out Parnasse 138, so off we went there together.

Lunch at Parnasse 138

Lunch at Parnasse 138

All four of us went for the option of 3-courses menu at €14.20 each. Between us, we had three different starters, four different main courses, and three different desserts. If I recall correctly, Seurann and Bij both selected the same starters and desserts.

Our meals, as evident from the photo mosaic above, consisted of : starters – salad of lardon and goat’s cheese, duck terrine with green peppercorn, salad of tomatoes and shrimps; main courses – chicken in red wine and mushroom sauce served with tagliatelle, pork in prune sauce served with chips, steak tartare (raw minced beef with raw egg, capers, onions and herbs), boudin noir (blood sausage) with chips and mashed potatoes; desserts – crème caramel, chocolate mousse and poire belle Hélène.

The meal was hearty, simply prepared but delicious. I certainly enjoyed myself very much, and in general everyone was pleased with their dishes. I even managed to sneak a couple of bites off the girls’ plates, which is perhaps not something many would do, but I love food and didn’t want to miss the chance to just have a taste. ;-)

We were stuffed after the meal, which I promptly decided I needed to walk the meal off, since we’ve arranged to have an early evening cook-in with a few other friends. Had I not done that, I may not had been able to eat more during the second session, lol. Just as well the place that I was heading would take a good 20 minutes or so to walk to, and another 25-30 minutes to get to the wonderful apartment where the cook-in would take place. In any case, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon so the walk was as leisurely as it could get.

Ah the bliss that Paris was… even an ongoing demonstration nearby didn’t do anything to put a dent to my day. Really, Paris is magical.

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