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Sparkly, colourful Eiffel Tower

There are so much that we want to share and to tell you, but work is keeping us away from this blog. I certainly wish for some normalcy back in my life, but until that happens, I can hope for the best.

Now, here’s something you shouldn’t miss. And frankly, there’s no excuse to miss it either – you’ll see later what I mean by this. I know we have talked a good bit of the famous Parisian tower in recent months, but it is just such a significant landmark for celebratory events that we couldn’t help ourselves.

citroen eiffel

Tonight, a new fête begins.

Eiffel Group and its party/commercial partner Citroën are bringing 10 weeks of spectacular light show on the Trocadéro façade by using state-of-the-art LED spotlights. The colours will change and shimmer and do all the pretty little things in between. Against the dark night sky, it’s going to be fa-bu-lous.

For the opening night (i.e this evening!) the shows are running at 9pm, 9.30pm, 10pm, 10.30pm and 11pm. That’s every half-hourly between 9pm and 11pm. For 12 minutes (each representing 10 years of Eiffel Tower’s existence) of colour fest, it’s worth taking a pause to take in this eye-candy.

If you’re not in Paris (or whatever reason can’t make it all the way to Trocadéro), then login to Citroën Opération Tour Eiffel which will be streaming the show from 10 key viewpoints nearby. See, told you there’s no excuse to miss it. ;)

After tonight, there’s still plenty of time for you to catch the show in person. Until the 31st December, the light performance will be taking place on the hour between 8pm and 11pm, on a daily basis. And if you wonder what will happen to the bright sparkles, good news – they’re going to sparkle as usual for the first five minutes.

Now, that’s what I call double the merriment, double the joy, double the fun! Ah yes, and the Iron Lady will bask in full blown glory. :D

Ps: for more info, here’s the linky to Eiffel’s website.

Eiffel Tower in red and white

Fiery red and icy white. That’s the colour order of the day for Eiffel Tower.


The special illumination runs every evening between 6th and 11th October, in conjunction with La Saison de la Turquie. It’s time to go out and take a few pics, if not a short video or two. It’s gorgeous!

And oh, if you look careful enough, with the top antenna being blue, you’re getting the French colours too! ;)

Eiffel Tower in Turkish colours (Photograph by Jean-Philippe Baltel)

Eiffel Tower in Turkish colours (Photograph by Jean-Philippe Baltel)

Eiffel : The Wizard of Iron

The name Gustav Eiffel is synonymous to the iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris, of which the latter celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. It is therefore, a fitting tribute, that an exhibition is currently taking place at the Hôtel de Ville to pay homage to Eiffel.

While the exhibition is chiefly related to the design of the Eiffel Tower, the building processes, modellings and the likes, some of Eiffel’s other works were also on display. Drawings and blueprints, models and armatures of bridges and Statue of Liberty were also on exhibit.

A model of armature of the Statue of Liberty; a painting of the construction

A model of the Statue of Liberty's armature; a painting of the construction of Statue of Liberty

The exhibition hall is largely divided into two sections, of which a smaller on to the side showcases Eiffel’s various achievements. In the larger part of the hall, the predominant topic is that of the afore-mentioned famed tower by the River Seine.

The display is also supplemented with works that have been inspired by the aesthetically symmetrical steel tower. From various proposed modifications following the original expo to the series of 36 views of the Eiffel Tower by Henri Rivière (of which incidentally, there was an exposition of his works at the Bibliothèque Nationale recently), and from paintings by Robert Delauney to photographs by Man Ray.

The exhibition runs from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm, at the Hôtel de Ville. It closes on Sundays, as well as on public holidays. There is no admission charge.

It is initially slated to run from 7 May to 29 August, but is now extended to 30 September. There are also exhibition tours for adults every Thursday at 11am, of which booking is required. Please call 01 42 76 51 53 for reservation and/or further information.

A couple shots from the Eiffel Tower 14-juillet fireworks





Er… where’d the tower go? (Part of the finale)


La Tour Eiffel est bleue !

blue Eiffel Tower

De meilleures photos ici (par exemple). La précédente a l’avantage d’être de moi, mais ça se voit aussi sur la qualité :P Admirez quand même aussi les couleurs du coucher de soleil!

Depuis le 1er juillet, la Tour Eiffel s’habille de bleu à la nuit tombée. Apparement, un hommage à l’Europe qui durera les 2 premiers mois de la présidence française (ie juillet-août)…

Rien de bien neuf pour les Parisiens, voir cet ancien post ici même.

The Eiffel Tower

Just because :)

Vue sur la Tour Eiffel et la Seine

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