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Paris in August…

Here are just a few quick words to give you an idea of the city at this time of the year:

  • It’s hot
  • It’s muggy
  • Offices are empty
  • Cars are rare, boulevards are crossed without checking*
  • Shops are closed
  • Restaurants are closed
  • Grocery stores are not as well supplied
  • Markets are half the usual size (if not smaller)

You get the picture I believe… People are away on hols! At times, the city feels almost asleep… The sun and heat are certainly not helping :P But well, soon, it’ll be my turn to leave. Mouahahahahahaha…

* Well, why yes, usually I DO look before crossing…At least for boulevards ;)

The weather has got to be kidding me!

I have been away quite a bit lately, including this week-end when I crossed the Channel ;) Anyway, here I am back in Paris and what do I see? Sunshine! But not only sunshine, it is HOT… Already this morning the heat is rising and I am melting away at my desk. It’s definitely over 20°C in here… /fans herself

Ok, gotta go water all the plants in the office, they all look terrible after a week-end by themselves in this devilish heat!

(And sorry, I couldn’t think of a good way to illustrate heat with a picture :P )

Is this what they call "summer"?

sunny pic

Look at the picture and tell us what you see.

Yes, that’s blue sky!!!!! Blue sky I tell you! And also, not featured on the picture, there’s a great big ball of fire hurtling through the sky… They told me it was called “the sun”. Unbelievable I tell you!

Ok, so just in case you haven’t understood: today was a sunny day here in Paris :D The second in a row actually!

So well, I’m not complaining because I love blue and the sun looks nice, but honestly it’s so HOT! So yeah, basically I’m complaining of the heat :P

Anyhow, I’ve got a picnic planned on thursday so I hope this will go on a bit… just not too much… the plants on my window sill are really suffering!

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