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Walking along the Seine

I think it was mentioned in an earlier metlinks but the banks of the river Seine will be seeing some changes until 2012. In the mean time, strolling along under blue skies is lovely. Some seem to fall head over heels in romance and scar the poor trees along the banks…

Salmon in the Seine?

A number of salmon have been caught/seen along the Seine lately, all the way up to Suresnes which is just next to Paris! This is not due to any work of reintroduction of the species apparently but a natural recolonisation by a number of fish. Apparently, these fish come from here and there, other French rivers but also abroad. Though scientists caution that there hasn’t been any proof of salmon reproduction along the Seine yet, so one can’t say it’s an enduring return for the time being…

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The Eiffel Tower

Just because :)

Vue sur la Tour Eiffel et la Seine

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