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End of the snow saga

for now at least…

Indeed, yesterday, temps went up a bit and it rained… The remaining snow did not make it through the drizzle. Things are now back to normal over here: no snow, no slippery sidewalks, but opened parks (with muddy tracks!)

I’m curious if we’ll have further snow this winter. I remember last year we had a brief cold period in early winter and then the rest of winter was a breeze…

We’ll keep you posted ;)

Snow update

Yes, there is still snow in Paris!

I know, it’s most unbelievable. It’s still the same snow though. But it’s been holding in places… I think today the sun has started working on it but in the mean time parks are still closed for “bad weather” (which is funny with the sun shining above…)

This mean that Paris has had snow for over a week now! This must be some kind of record, no?

Weather update: Snow!

It snowed in Paris today!

This makes me feel all Christmassy inside :D (and cold outside!) Thank God I finally managed to find my gloves this week-end :?

Anyhow, sorry no pics as the snow did not stay but melted as soon as it touched the ground… Yes, that’s how it snows in Paris… ;)

Seen in Paris: autumn…

The other day I was walking through a park, grumbling about the weather we’ve been having: quite “fresh” (understand cold) and rather moist (understand wet)… When suddenly, lo and behold! This:

Of course, the photo does not do the rainbow justice. It was a really beautiful double rainbow… I hadn’t seen any in a long time and it brought a smile to my face :D I hope it will help everyone go through this unpleasant bout of weather! ;)

The weather has got to be kidding me!

I have been away quite a bit lately, including this week-end when I crossed the Channel ;) Anyway, here I am back in Paris and what do I see? Sunshine! But not only sunshine, it is HOT… Already this morning the heat is rising and I am melting away at my desk. It’s definitely over 20°C in here… /fans herself

Ok, gotta go water all the plants in the office, they all look terrible after a week-end by themselves in this devilish heat!

(And sorry, I couldn’t think of a good way to illustrate heat with a picture :P )

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