Metlinks OTW : 20.02.10

As we enter the period of Lent this week, many of my friends over in UK/Ireland are giving up things as penance. They range from chocolates to sweets to, gasp, internet usage off-work hours! Once, for a completely different reason, I stopped eating chocolates for 2 years. I know, crazy talk, but I persevered…


  • Musée du Quai Branly is currently hosting The Making of Images which explores the ontologies of living and imagery to represent the anthropology of human societies. Runs until 17 July 2011.
  • Meanwhile, the Pinacothèque de Paris is showing Edvard Munch ou l’Anti-Cri (unfortunately the official website is currently not available) until 18 July 2010, and the exhibition brings you a different side of Munch from the infamous The Scream.
  • Another highly anticipated exhibition will open next Thursday 24 February at the Grand Palais – Turner and the Masters. This 3-months showcase enables visitors to see some of his best works alongside with masterpieces which inspired him. Definitely not to be missed!
  • Across the street at the Petit Palais, Eloge du Négatif takes a look into print photography in Italy when it all first started back in mid-19th century. Exhibition runs until 2 May 2010.

Faits Divers

  • Arguably this would be the biggest among the different Chinese New Year parades in the city, organised in the main “Chinatown” of Paris – the 13th arrondissement – on the Sunday 21 February from 1.30pm onwards.
  • Adam over the Invisible Blog recommends heading to French K-Wa for an afternoon of Sunday Tea Dance. It sounds intriguing and I would have tried to make it except I’m away at the moment.
  • The beautiful and talented Corinne Bailey Rae is back with a new album and in it, the song Paris Nights/New York Mornings. Check out the video music which was filmed in Paris.

Other News

  • The daughter of the mayor of Kiev was robbed en route to Paris from CDG airport earlier this week. What’s mind boggling is, who carry that much jewellery with them? And were the doors of the car not locked?
  • Parisian taxi drivers are planning on a go-slow protest next week on Thursday 25 Feb?
  • The bouquinistes along the river Seine has been ordered to sell at least 75% books and less of souvenir items. How will this affect the livelihood of the sellers in this increasingly tough operating economic climate?
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Metlinks OTW: 13.02.10

We apologise for this slightly late edition of Metlinks due to travelling commitment. And without further ado, here are links to things that caught our eyes, and we hope they’ll pique your interest too.

The 14th February Non-Valentine Specials

  • If you can make it to the Carnaval in Rio, let the Carnaval comes to you in Paris. Sort of. Carnaval de Paris will be samba-ing their way from Place Gambetta, reaching Belleville at estimated 4pm, followed by Place de la République at 5.15pm, before winding up at the Hôtel de Ville at 7pm.
  • For Chinese New Year festivity nearby, Cérémonie de l’Oeil et Défilé du Dragon of the 3rd arrondissement begins at Hôtel de Ville at 2pm, and follow the route towards rue du Temple, rue Turbigo, place des Arts et Métiers, rue Beaubourg, rue du Renard and finally back at place de l’Hôtel de Ville.
  • To add on to the confusion of street parties and parades, the quarter of Belleville will see another Chinese New Year procession, leaving place Fréhel at 2pm, going along rue de Belleville until rue Jules Romain, then rue Rébeval until boulevard de la Villette before turning into boulevard de Belleville. At around 4pm, the party will be meeting the Carnaval de Paris!

Love and Passion

  • If you’re wondering why there are locks at bridges of Paris, here’s a video to tell you their origin and the reason why they’re there.
  • Declare your love, in 160 characters (that’s 20 more than Twitter!) across the city via 173 electronic public information board.
  • Romanticism is often linked to the exotic and unusual, so why not drop over to the Senate’s orangerie at the Luxembourg Garden? The orchid exhibition is a special event that runs only until this Sunday!
  • Everything food related gets a love of love from the Paris Metbloggers, and we have a decent collection of cookbooks between us. Still, if we want more, there’s one place for it this weekend – the Paris Cookbook Festival at Le 104.

Little Things To Read (And Enjoy)

Final Sad News

  • We are no fashionistas around here but even we recognise the genius of Alexander McQueen. His work shown in Paris last autumn for Spring 2010, entitled Plato’s Atlantis, was a beautiful collection that brings fashion, nature and evolution together, even if the shoes were more precarious than practical for wear. So it is sad to read his obituary
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Metlinks OTW : 05.02.10

Another week, oh how time flies. January went by in no time, and there are signs of spring in the air. Maybe a tad too much red and pink for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, maybe a combination of red from the festivities of upcoming Chinese New Year. Do you know, this year, both these days are on 14 February?

Chinese lanterns

February’s Special

  • Dana Boulé pays hommage to Paris in February.
  • Chinese New Year festivities in Paris begins today with an exhibition at the Centre Culturel de Chine until the end of the month. There will also be other events including parades to look out for. We’ll also keep you posted.
  • The Freemasons Museum is reopening next week on Thursday 11 February. This museum is bound to be fascinating, if my visit to a Masonic Lodge in Dublin was any indication.

Events in Paris

  • Daniel Rose has got everyone – well, at least the foodies – excited with the opening of Spring Boutique and according to their blog, happy hour Little Saturday runs every Thursday from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. And as a bonus, there’s free event Voyage en Saveurs this Saturday 6 February, from 11.30am to 8.00pm.
  • Something fun, especially for kids, and a chance to get to know the sharks better. Dans le sillage de requins is running at the Porte Dorée Aquarium until 6 March 2011, so plenty of chance to get there.
  • Big into manga? Here’s a trade show that’s just for you this weekend!

Other Interesting Tit-Bits

  • TEDx Paris 2010 took place at the end of last month but you can catch the videos online now.
  • Do you know there is a fish spa in the city now? You know, where you sit there and let little fish gnom their way through dead skin. I was told it’d be a wee bit ticklish.
  • Oh, there’s also brand new Brunch Bazar which seems fun-packed, with food, lessons and workshops.
  • Ann Mah‘s first novel, Kitchen Chinese, will be released next week on Tuesday 9 February and this honorary Parisian is embarking on a book tour which will come along to Paris by Wednesday 10 March 2010.
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Metlinks OTW : 29.01.10


Ok, I have to grant you this picture was definitely not taken this week: such clear blue skies… Also, when would I have had the time to go to La Vilette? Still I thought it was a nice picture.

Two-way bicycle paths in one-way streets?

Doesn’t this concept seem odd? I’ve always knows people riding bikes as having to follow the regular “code de la route“. Which meant, among other things: riding only one way on one-way streets and no riding on sidewalks. This could be very frustrating for those rinding on bicyles as it would mean a number of detours instead of taking the shortest route. (Not all were deterred though and I’ve often seen both people riding their bycicle in the wrong way on one-way streets and people riding their bycicle on the sidewalk… Some even assuming they should have priority on the pedestrians!)

Anyhow, it seems that, in order to favor bycicle use in Paris, one-way streets will become two-way by bicycles, thanks to an extra bicycle lane! All the info can be found here, where there is even an animation to illustrate how cars and bicycles will be moving along with these new paths. I’m sligthly worried about people not thinking to check BOTH WAYS before crossing such streets… But apparently, these lanes have already been in place in a few areas and things have been going well, with cars riding more slowly for example.

By the end of this year, almost all one-way streets where speed is limited to 30 kph should be equiped with the extra bicycle lane. I feel this could make quite a change for those using bicycles and encourage some who didn’t use bicycles before…


Metlinks OTW : 22.01.10

Wow, this is my first metlinks for 2010! Doesn’t it feel weird to write 2010? Well, I’ll get used to it soon enough I hope… Anyhow, here are some things that caught my attention this week, in a completely random order.


  • For the past few months, a group has been living illegally in a luxurious mansion off place des Vosges as a way to demonstrate against the difficulties of students and others to find decent and affordable places to live in Paris. A sentence has recently been passed by justice that they will be forced out of the building. You can follow the whole story on the press review of this group’s website
  • A lovely shot illustrating this week’s weather: Eiffel tower shrouded in mist
  • The possibility of a public transport strike on Feb. 3rd is looming…
  • Watch for all the closing exhibits at the end of the week! Among others, Teotihuacan at Quai Branly will stay open every day until midnight before it ends on Sunday…
  • But of course there are many more to come. Here is a proposed recap of upcoming exhibits!
  • Three concerts are organised in Paris in order to support victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
  • What about the soldes? Did you go crazy? Here’s the Figaro‘s take on their success for this year.
  • Neat post by David Lebovitz about mistakes onemight make while ordering in a Parisian restaurant.
  • A funny mistake or maybe we should indeed make line 14 doubly automatic??
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Can you spare a dime?

Can you spare a dime?

Street art: Jef Aerosol left his mark just off Rue Mouffetard, 5th arrodissement.

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Une partie du Luco inaccessible?

Dimanche, je marchais dans le jardin du Luxembourg et voilà que ma route est coupée : des cordons de sécurité bloquent l’accès à la partie centrale du jardin (toute la partie basse autour du grand bassin)…


La vue est originale : le centre est totalement désert, un fait rarissime, mais on peut voir les passants à droite dans la zone qui reste ouverte…

Je n’ai pas encore réussi à déterminer pourquoi cette zone était fermée, l’enquête est en cours.

Part of the Luxembourg gardens was closed on Sunday, a mystery but also a rare moment of quiet.

Metlinks OTW : 14.01.10

Two weeks into the new year, and nearly a month since the blanket of white snow descended Europe-wide, the Arctic chill is finally going to ease off a little. We’re starting to see temperature around 1-3°C (yay it’s greater than 0) but there’s no telling exactly how long will this reprieve be. Brrr…

Place de la Concorde

In The News

  • Is the nightlife of Paris heading towards extinction? New York Times argues it is so.
  • Pal Sarkozy (that’s the papa of Nicolas Sarkozy) has landed an one-man Surrealist art show in Espace Pierre Cardin in April. And the centrepiece of the show? A large canvas featuring his daughter-in-law, Carla.
  • All the kerfuffle over Christmas attempted terrorist attack on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit has now seen rippling security tightening worldwide. The French civil aviation authority will begin implementing the body scanner in Paris at the end of the month on an experimental basis.


  • What is the favourite word used incessantly by Parisians? “Putain!“, claimed Olivier Magny.
  • Are you a creature of habit when it comes to eating out? Or are you the adventurous kind who are constantly in search of some place new, you’re trying to challenge François Simon for his job?
  • In the mean time, is wine bar the new trend for dining out? Here are a few of the best wine bars that you could check out next.
  • Looking to pamper yourself a little in the new year with some Chinese foot massage session in your own home? At €40 an hour, it’s not too bad a deal and quite nicely, you have no need to go out in the cold!


Metlinks OTW : 07.01.10

Happy New Year! We trust you had had a good winter holiday, and tell us, did you become a king/queen yesterday? And how have your first week of the year pan out so far?


New Year

  • Did you make any new year’s resolution(s) for 2010? Penelope felt hers look rather familiar
  • January means winter sales! Les soldes officially started yesterday, and if you need a little navigation help, check out its official website. By the way, there’s extraordinary opening hours until 9 January.
  • Zeva of Paris BAO, featuring Sharon Bowman, introduces 10 great champagnes for the new year. Who says champagne is dead?

Special Requests

  • Adam took on a special request from one of his readers, featuring photographs of a location dear to a New Hampshire man. Adam has also generously offered to research and feature similar requests.
  • Don’t just chuck them – recycle your Christmas trees instead. There are 95 collection points around the city, and get them in before 24 January.


  • A few days before Christmas, the catacombes of Paris have reopened after a few months of closure, to deal with the aftermath of vandalism. Hurrah for the reopening! That place is spooky but cool spooky.
  • From 13 January to 21 February, the Monumenta Project at the Grand Palais will feature an exhibition of the works by Christian Boltanski.
  • The 260 black and white columns by Buren at Palais Royal took approximately €1.5 million to install, and to restore them, another €4 million was put through! The restored columns will be inaugurated tomorrow, Friday 8 January.

In The News

  • The folks from UK are chiming in on Sarkozy’s call for les grandes écoles to admit more students from low-income families.
  • What defines “Frenchness”? The motto of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité? As the debate of French national identity continues, foreign press including BBC, The Guardian, LA Times, Huffington Post and Sydney Morning Herald publish their pieces on the issue. The most curious article, in my personal opinion, is that from The Independent, which admittedly is not all about the identity debate but touches on Sarkozy’s remark on the meaning of fraternité – then promptly blames Parisians of the ills of society in the form of rudeness.
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Metlinks OTW : 30.12.09

Tis the week between xmas and the new year and things should be pretty quiet in the city. But are they really that quiet? Let’s see…


    This week

  • Disappointed by the xmas presents? Why not sell them on the web?
  • The end of the RER A strike last week-end and some traffic on RER C between Paris and Juvisy should also be noted.
  • Yves Rocher, founder of the brand that wears his name, died last saturday at 79.
  • This year

  • Taking it easy with our 3-year-old smoking ban? This article mentions growing numbers of people starting to ignore the ban…
  • The tradi to overthrow the baguette?
  • New year!

  • Details on what metro will be running at what time on New Year’s Eve. And for free!
  • Did you check out the Eiffel Tower light show? It runs up until 31th so don’t miss it!
  • Next year…

  • New rules to liven up Parisian dance scene?
  • 2010 in Paris means it’s been 100 years since the last major flooding (floodings that used to appear on a 100-year cycle basis…) To commemorate this event, an exhibit will begin on January 20th at the Pavillon de l’eau
  • Prices will be on the rise as well… SNCF trains for example, but also taxi rides and many more things I guess…
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Suivez le show en direct propose de retransmettre en direct les festivités parisiennes du nouvel an donc où que vous soyez vous pourrez en profiter !

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Metlinks OTW : 25.12.09

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has got some holidays to enjoy now… I’ve tried to keep up the metlinks but this week will be a “short edition” as I’m late to head over to my mum’s place already!


    This week

  • Pictures of the snow last week in Paris
  • A recap of the train issues in Paris this week: Eurostar, RER A and C… I’m glad I was staying home under the duvet!
  • Eurostar vs. Eurotunnel, who’s at fault? A recap of what was going on in the tunnel last week.
  • Misc

  • A picture of the city’s oldest tree apparently planted under Henry IV! I must go have a look!
  • A take on Parisian macarons. While there may be some truth in this post, as a Parisian woman, I’m not sure I agree. I may be fat (depends on your point of view I guess) but I don’t care and I eat my macaron from any number of places… But maybe that’s just a “subversive act”?
  • Next week

  • A few suggestions on how to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris
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Intriguing decorations in the streets

Here are the two weirdest decorations I’ve seen in the streets of Paris. They both happen to be quite near the rue d’Ulm, known for its occasional odd activities indeed, but I’ve spotted the one late last week and the other yesterday…

Here is the bear-can xmas tree? A lot of effort really went into this as 3 trees / bushes were decorated, almost every single branch having its bear can on top of it… Quite impressive if unfortunately not eco-friendly…

I would have thought the cable between the buildings to be meant for xmas decorations but when I looked up, I only saw that pair of shoes… I really wonder why / how they ended up there…

Photos de piscine

Si vous connaissez vraiment bien vos piscines parisiennes, ce concours est pour vous ! Vous avez jusqu’au 4 janvier pour associer chacune des 15 photos proposées à la piscine où la photo a été prise… Bon courage !

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